Shani names

Girish Sharma girish at MUSHIKA.WANET.COM
Thu May 28 21:10:12 UTC 1998

I am trying to understand the following three names of
Shani (Saturn).  Several popular editions containing
the names have the same forms for each name.  I would greatly appreciate
any help in understanding these names.
The names are given in the dative case.

8.  sura.mvandyaaya
The anusvaara may be just a mark in the printing in one
book but then also appears in others. Should it be suravandya, "The One fit
to be worshipped by suras"?

62.  varadaa bhayahastaaya
Should there be no space yielding
varada + abhaya + hasta "The One whose hands bestow
boons and remove fear" (possibly referring to two of
the hand postions of the muurti)?

108.  bhaktasa.mghamanobhii.s.taphaladaaya
Should there be there an avagraha between mano and bhii.s.ta yielding "The
Bestower of the fruit of
the objects desired in the minds of a multitude of

Thank you for any help you can provide.


Girish Sharma
San Diego, CA

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