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Thu May 28 11:43:30 UTC 1998

I give up: Can one be more specific than below about Dadhyanc?
And still be misunderstood or misinterpreted?

Henceforth I will answer in two- liners. And urge to read the texts/books
--- before venturing opinions such as "probably also Uralic".

On Wed, 27 May 1998, Paul K. Manansala wrote:
> > > Do we find Vedic culture outside of India in pre-Harappan times?

> > I have mentoned the highly suggestive Ural burials, c. 2000 BC, with a
> > Dadhyanc-like figure (human body, no head, but instead: horse head). As in
> > RV. (Gening 1977!) Any other Dadhyances in Uralic, Siberian myth?>
> > Parpola has given other comparisons, especially for the BMAC (again,
> > Erdosy, 1995)

> But human  and horse burials are very common among Altaic and
> probably Uralic peoples. Surely we should expect something more given
> the standards already set in this discussion for IVC.

Human burials are common. Horse burials are common. BUT is a human body
with attached horse head common? -- Typical RV myth, see Keith-MacDonell,
Vedic Index I p. 338.  Again: Foudn anywhere ELSE????

ity alam!

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