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S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed May 27 21:54:58 UTC 1998

Lars MArtin Foss:
>(Sources for 1) and 3) are TV programs, which is why I can't give you
more precise details).

With all due respect to you Lars, should we be taking TV programs so
seriously?(i.e. if the company that made these programs is as
knowledgable and *objective* as dear old CNN, the less said the better
)... Another interesting( analogical) case I've seen recently is Shri
Bhagwan Gidwani's NOVEL "Return of the Aryans" where in he gives us the
history of the Aryans a la Hinduttvavaada..This NOVEL which was written
by a person known for his very poor research is now flaunted as the
gospel truth by our Hinduttvavaadi friends example of a clear
myth replacing a *probable* myth

 << Is there a memory of the migration Japanese to Japan? The theory
"are not usually forgotten" could easily be tested on people that
migrate to islands.>>

AFAIK, the JApanese version is that the Goddess Ameratsu breathed life
into the first Japanese person ON the islands of Japan. There seems to
have been no such migration-memory prevalent..What I do know is that
some of the Chinese believed that the Japanese were descended from a
group of ship-wrecked Chinese sailors...this seems to a case where
migration has been forgotten..

OTOH, the Sinhalese do remember their migration from India very
distinctly..Coming to think of it, all the immigrations that started off
from India are remembered in one form or the other...


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