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Wed May 27 15:34:20 UTC 1998

Well, I read this paper some time ago.It has illustrations in it and
some sections of the text closely follow the illustrations so it may
be best if one read it for oneself and drew the appropriate

 It deals with some very physical stuff such as pavitra, aNvI,
pavamAna, indu and vRSHan and thereby attempts to establish the
parallelism between the Harappan cult object and the RV strainer,
sieve etc..

Mahadevan makes the case that the lower vessel as depicted in the IVC
cult object is a perforated vessel (for which there is no RV textual
support).  But he interprets the imagery of holes in Indra's body and
the metaphor sahasrabhRSHTi according to the physical appearance of
the lower vessel of the IVC cult object in the seals.

BTW, the cult object is a representation of the filter, not the filter

I hope this helps.

Warm Regards.

---George Thompson  wrote:
> In response to the recent post of Lakshmi Srinivas:
> Thank you for this summary. I am not familiar with Mahadevan's work.
> Vedic filter [pavitra] was made from sheep's wool [aNvANi meSyaH] or
a skin
> [avya tvac], and not from more obdurate materials like ivory. I
don't think
> that one would find deeply drilled holes in the bottom of a Vedic
> Does Mahadevan address this difference?
> Best wishes,
> George Thompson

Lakshmi Srinivas

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