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Sun May 24 17:34:22 UTC 1998

At 11:09 AM 5/24/98 -0400, Michael Witzel wrote:
>On Sat, 23 May 1998, Paul K. Manansala wrote:
>> > > A Sarasvati flowing into an ocean means a Sarasvati flowing into an
ocean !
>> >
>> > Logically correct, but *first* someone has to do the philological study
>> > and show what samudra REALLY means (s. K. Klaus, Kosmographie 1986). I
>> > have alluded to the century old discussion.
>> Isn't it quite clear from linguistic tradition that samudra means
>> ocean.  Clearly it does not mean a regular lake or desert.  A very large
>> lake could be confused with the ocean, but do any of these rivers
>> empty into large lakes?
>My suggestion: Do the investigation, then we ca talk. Also see R.
>Zydenbos' example. And a lot more, plus the saagara "ocean"  often
>indicating lakes nowadays !

>Michael Witzel                       witzel at

In Andhra Pradesh there is a tradition of calling natural as well as
manmade large irrigational lakes as 'samudram'. Examples are

1. Chilka Samudram
2. Tippa  Samudram
3. Anatasagaram
5. Pillalamarri Samudram
6. Chounda Samudram
7. Eraka Samudram
8. Nama Samudram
9. Bacha Samudram
10. Ganapa Samudram
11. Prola Samudram
12 Tamma Samudram
13. Udayaditya Samudram

But this does not prove anything because we do not know whether such
tradition of calling lkakes as 'samudram' existed in the RV times.



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