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I am fascinated by and agree with Sarma's views.

I have been brought up right from grade 1 to college level in
Penukonda, Anantapure district, studying in Telugu medium. It is a
strong tradition in Andhra to call place names ending with -samudram
any town supported by a lake. Even in Penukonda (which was the second
capital of the Vijayanagara kingdom with a fort and all that) at the
foothills of the mountain, 5 miles from the town, is a lake called
samudram which served the drinking water needs of the entire town. As
in Rajasthan, so in Penukonda, I had a routine chore to help my mother
by carrying on my shoulder pots of drinking water walking 5 miles to
the samudram. The point is: samudram is not necessarily a salty ocean.

[Aside; a joke: I have often wondered if a popular etymology may be
suggested! sa-mudra; were the ancestors of these people near the
samudra's using seals?]

How do the texts differentiate between samudra and sa_gara?



> In Andhra Pradesh there is a tradition of calling natural as well as
> manmade large irrigational lakes as 'samudram'. Examples are
> 1. Chilka Samudram
> 2. Tippa  Samudram
> 3. Anatasagaram
> 5. Pillalamarri Samudram
> 6. Chounda Samudram
> 7. Eraka Samudram
> 8. Nama Samudram
> 9. Bacha Samudram
> 10. Ganapa Samudram
> 11. Prola Samudram
> 12 Tamma Samudram
> 13. Udayaditya Samudram
> But this does not prove anything because we do not know whether
such> tradition of calling lkakes as 'samudram' existed in the RV times.

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