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Sun May 24 21:27:44 UTC 1998

Micheal Witzel wrote:
>The RV does not know of iron : ayas is *NOT* iron but
Let me reiterate ..I did not bring up iron at all...but there is
definitely  wide usage of COPPER (again NOT iron!) in pre-Harappan

>Not little. We can more or less reconstruct their Soma, Animal,
>Pravargya, Horse and Fire rituals right from the Rv. Plus a lot of
>mythology. Add the Avesta with very similar data.

What about the "fire altars" in SIVC with the animal remains?.
And also isnt it interesting that Parpola uses the vedic myths to
explain the iconography on the SIVC seals, but switching to
dravidian just for the script ? So how can you be sure that
the vedic myths are representative of true Aryan religion ?

>But we can see enough from their seals and tablets. They do not
>fit *Rgvedic* religion.  A deity wrestling with 2 lions? A deity
>killing a buffalo?  A deity wrestling a buffao? etc.   Not in RV

Have you seen some of the celtic motifs ?
A man and two beasts are in them too.
Art historians have noted the similiarities between the cross
legged 'yogic' horned deities of the celts with that of the seals
from the SIVC  also.

Let me point out some more "cultural" evidence that might be
of interest:
Figuirines have been found in SIVC with red pigmentation
between the parting of the hair (just like women in India
do even today) and there is elephant head with a red
pigmentation on top, like kumkum usage of today.
(Look up India-Land of Mystery by Time Life books for the photos)
Also, Parpola uses the 'pottu-min' to try and decipher the script
on the seals. I mention all this just to reiterate the point
that the 'tilak' is a uniquely Indian and stron cultural feature.

It should also be remembered that the Xinjiang mummies, who
are supposed to have taken a wrong turn in the Ukraine and
ended up in the wrong place, also have the uniquely Indian
'tilak' on their forehead in addition to their celtic clothes
and kentum language.
So do we have to have  believe that these people rode
in with the 'tilak' on their foreheads from the Ukraine ?

As for the migration trail - only the future will tell:
Depending on the dating of the future archeological finds
in the Tarim Basin and other central asian regions,
it will be conclusively proven whethar it was a migration
INTO India or OUT of an Indian cultural influence area(
i.e from the Tarim Basin down to Baluchistan).

Until that conclusive evidence is found, it is  the
responsibility of scholars to make it
clear that the Aryan Invasion/Migration into India
theory is *NOT* a proven historical fact and only one of
the hypotheses.


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