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> The placement of DEDR 5259 Ta. vayiRu belly with an implied *-y-
seems to be
> correct even though Kannada has basiR. Colloquial Tamil has forms
like vakuRu,
> vavuRu, but no vacuRu.

DEDR places Tamil lexemes first, irrespective of whether they
represent the proto-D forms or not. It is however emphasised that this
does not mean that Tamil
phonemes represent the proto-D.

Re: Semant. 'belly', how do we explain the following?
'Borrowing' to and fro seems to be the bon mot.

kucam < kuca woman's breast (Pa_rata. Campava. 55); kuyam woman's
breast (Tan-ippa_. ii,75,190)(Ta.lex.) koch, kochi lap, lower part of
bosom where babies are carried or dandled (K.); kukhi slender part of
the body below the ribs; kuchir. hip (S.); kukh side between hip and
ribs; kucchir. carrying a child astride the hip; kuchur. lap (L.);
kukkh belly, side of belly, womb (P.);ku_kh hips (H.); belly (Marw.);
belly, womb, side below ribs, armpit (G.)(CDIAL 3213).kon:ka woman's
breast (Ma.); kangur.i nipple, teat (Kui)(DEDR 2038).

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