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Raffaele Torella torella at AXRMA.UNIROMA1.IT
Thu May 21 23:59:22 UTC 1998

>I strongly suggest a visit to the GOML and SM libraries.  It is the only
>sure way to get what you need.

This is also my advise.

>Take a good 35mm camera, and some good
>black-and-white film.  The curator of MSS at GOML is Mr Soundarapandian,
>who is quite pleasant.
>All the best,

At the time of my last visit to Tanjore Library (which has no curator but
only an officer-in-charge), two years ago, I was not allowed to make
photographs of MSS (and I even had to overcome  many difficulties just to
consult two or three MSS I needed). If the MSS that interest you are among
those already microfilmed under the IGNCA project, you can ask for a
duplicate (in Tanjore, not in Delhi). An answer in the positive is not to
be taken for granted; however, in my case I was lucky enough (but only
after much insistence, getting angry, showing a letter of K. Vatsyayan,
etc.) to obtain a duplicate in three days.

With best wishes (literally),
Raffaele Torella

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