Textual doubt (Gitagovinda)

Jakub Cejka cejka at PRAHA1.FF.CUNI.CZ
Thu May 21 08:53:07 UTC 1998

Dear listmembers, what follows is a question on a reading in the text of
the Gitagovinda-kavya of Jayadeva.

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I have a copy of the Indian (MLBD) edition of Barbara Stoler Miller's
translation of the Gitagovinda ("Love Song of the Dark Lord"). It's just a
reprint of the original (CUP, 1977) edition, I suppose, so the text of the
GG included there should be identical. In the text of the stanza 10 of
sarga 2, there is a reading "yuvatiSu valastRSNe" (yuvati.su
valast.r.s.ne). To me "valaH" makes no sense here. No variant reading
is noted by Miller in the critical apparatus, but other editions
(differences of which she normally mentions as variant readings) read
"valattRSNe" (or calattRSNe). So I consider "valas" to be a mere misprint
for "valat" which I assume to be Miller's actual (intended) reading. Do
you find this assumption correct? Or do I miss something, I mean, does
the reading which is printed in the book, make any sense to you?

Thank you

Jakub Cejka
Muchova 11, Prague 6, 160 00 - CZ
cejka at praha1.ff.cuni.cz

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