Textual doubt (Gitagovinda)

Ashok Aklujkar aklujkar at UNIXG.UBC.CA
Thu May 21 16:45:38 UTC 1998

This response has gone to the personal e-mail address of Jakub Cejka. I am posting it to the list only to inform others that Cejka's inquiry has received a response. 

>Barbara Stoler Miller's ...  text of the GG ... stanza 10 of
sarga 2< 

 valastRSNe" (valast.r.s.ne) is a misprint for valattRSNe, Miller's actual (intended) reading. I have it so marked on my copy of the edn. 'K.r.s.na, whose desire is turning toward young women -- who is getting interested in (other) women' is the contextually intended meaning. 

As I recall, Jaya-deva uses the root val in some other verses too, sometimes in keeping with the saying current among pa.n.ditas "kali-valii kaama-dhenuu": 'one can invest the roots kal and val with any meaning that the context requires. They are the wish-fulfilling cows (for authors/poets)' 

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