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 abEA> Can anyone direct me to *any* discussion of the traditional
 abEA> style used by commentators ( i.e., the literary style
 abEA> employed by the writers of bhaashya, Tiikaa, TippaNii
 abEA> etc.).

 abEA> I would be looking for:

 abEA> articles (e.g. something like Staal's "Scientific
 abEA> Sanskrit"),

One basic text on this matter is an article by Hermann Jacobi. I do not have the precise reference, but it is included in his _Kleine Schriften_, publ. by the Von Glasenapp-Stiftung (in that famous series of green volumes of 'kleine Schriten' by various German-language Indologists). I remember having read it as a student with great profit.

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