literature on commentarial style

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I work actually on Jain-cUrNis, TIkAs, VivaraNas.
That is the commentators like JinadAsa and
Haribhadra comment upon AryA-memoric-stanzas
thereby using a fixed scientific system for
interpretation: they apply so-called anuyogadvAras
for the interpretation of each term provided in
the stanza. The system for applying anuyogadvAras
is transmitted in the so-called
AnuyogadvAra-sUtra. The basis for all these seems
to be borrowed partly from the NyAya-system
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Von: Adrian Burton <adrian.burton at ANU.EDU.AU>
Datum: Dienstag, 19. Mai 1998 06:23
Betreff: literature on commentarial style

>Dear Indologists,
>Can anyone direct me to *any* discussion of the
traditional style used by
>commentators ( i.e., the literary style employed
by the writers of
>bhaashya, Tiikaa, TippaNii etc.).
>I would be looking for:
>        articles (e.g. something like Staal's
"Scientific Sanskrit"),
>        books  (perhaps introductions to academic
presentations of such and
>such a commentary),
>        or traditional (Indian) analyses of the
components of the
>commentarial style.
>merci d'avance,
>Adrian Burton

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