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Wed May 20 12:00:42 UTC 1998

Dear Colleagues

Recently I have read article on the net called "Essentials of Buddhism". The
article says following:
"It also occurs in the Buddhist Mahayana scripture, the Lankavatara sutra,
which purports to be an account of the revelation of the true Religion by
Gautama, the Buddha, when he visited Ceylon and there gave discourses to the
King of the island, Ravana, and his wife, Mahamati.
Does anybody heard that Ravena's wife was Mahamati  or is it mentioned
anywhere. I have seen few manuscripts of Lankavatara in Sanskrit as well as
Chinese and all of them treat Mahamati as the leader of Bodhisattvas, but I
have not seen anything about him (her?) being Ravana's wife.

PS Does anybody know about publication of any Lankavatara manuscripts except
the Newari published by Lokesh Chandra. Or does anybody knows where are they
located? I am trying to translate the scripture for past few years and any
material or information would be highly appreciated.

Thank you


Petr Mares
lengqie at

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