Mon May 4 16:36:43 UTC 1998

Those interested in Horse argument can pursue.
A magnanimous response from a true scholar addressed to me.

I have no interest to delve deep. If I get new citations,
I will give to *anyone* interested. Probably I gave
the maximum no. of citations on Horse issue, because
sanskritized elites preaching to naive Indian public
that Out-of-India model has been proved more scientifically....

N. Ganesan

listed below is a preliminary bibliography on horses in south asia. most
of the information about horses in megalithic contexts is in excavation
reports. i'm not sure how detailed or in depth you want to get into this,
for these reports can be fairly dry. i've not yet been able to find a
synthetic view of the megalithic horse remains. if you want the citations
for those reports, i can get them to you.

in the meanwhile, here are some more general citations:

Anthony, David W. 1997.  Current thoughts on the domestication of the
horse in Asia.  _South Asian Studies_ #13

Bokonyi, Sandor.  1996.  Horse remains from the prehistoric site of
Surkotada, Kutch, late 3rd millennium BC.  _Harappan Studies_ #2

Thomas, P.K.  1992.  Horse remains from Raipur.  In G. B. Deglurkar and
Gouri P. Lad, _Megalithic Raipur (1985-1990)_.  Poona: Deccan College
Postgraduate Research Institute.  pp.133-36.

Meadow, Richard and Hans-Peter Uerpmann.  1986.  _Equids in the ancient
world_. Wiesbaden: Dr. Ludwig Reichert Verlag.

and if you are interested in the question of the 'aryans' in south asia,
i would really recommend that you look at this book.  it's an edited
volume which presents the most current thinking on this issue, and comes
at it from several directions.

Erdosy, George, ed.  1995.  _The Indo-Aryans of ancient South Asia :
Language, material culture and ethnicity_.  Berlin, New York: Walter de

i hope this helps, at least a little bit. i will keep on the lookout, and
will forward anything else that comes up.


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