prayojana of treatises

Elliot Stern emstern at NNI.COM
Tue May 19 12:45:04 UTC 1998

Sara McClintock said:

>Thanks also to Ashok Aklujkar for various good ideas for places to look for
>discussions of the importance of stating the prayojana. The reminder to
>check the discussion in Haribhadra's commentary on the Abhisamayaala.mkaara
>was a good one. The quotation mentioned first by Devarakonda Sarma does not
>appear to be found in the "Slokavaartika.
Though I have trashed the message, I hope I recall correctly that the text
in question here is: prayojanamanuddiZya na mandopi pravartate. This is
indeed ZlokavArttika, sambandhAkSepaparihAra vs. 55ab.

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