Mon May 18 19:48:20 UTC 1998

{few references ...}

  Do any of the references given address the issue of dating
  the drying up of sarasvati? Can anyone summarize or give
  the dates. That date is VERY crucial for the Out-of-India

*On superficial comparision of a not very detailed map given by
*SP.Gupta(fig 9,pg15) with a map of pre-harappan sites in Frontiers
*of the Indus  civilization(1984) where the oldest course of the
*Sarasvati is not marked, it appears that there is greater concentration
*of pre-harappan sites on the oldest course of the Sarasvati!

  Does this mean that IVC villages were lying on the
  lost river, whose name we don't know? If IVC is pre-Aryan,
  (which most of the scholarly opinion suggests),
  then it might not have been called Sarsvati at all.

  After 1000 B.C, the changed river was named Sarasvati.
  Can we call it renaming like renaming English names
  of places/streets after India's independence??

  Any thoughts, corrections welcome.

  N. Ganesan

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