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Mon May 18 16:32:13 UTC 1998

 The KV kulam, tuuran people are also called
tuvaran. They say they come from tuvarApati.
Is it related to the sangam quotes, of
tuvaraapati vEL??

At least, I have heard it as a teenager from two 'tuurans':
1) M. P. Periyasamy Thooran, a famous composer of
carnatic music krithis. His achievment is
the massive Tamil encyclopaedia in 10 volumes
in 1960s called kalaikkaLanjiyam. I was told
that the kalaikkaLanjiyam is the first encyclopaedia
among all Indian languages.

2) Kovai Ayyamuttu, a poet, entrepreneur, who introduced
Khadi in Tiruppuur, brought Gandhiji to Palani,
(in Ooty Ramkrishna ashram of Swami Chidbhavanandar,
Gandhi opened the temple to Harijans first; then he went
to Madurai Meenakshi). In Mahatma Trust museum at Coimbatore,
many letters from Gandhiji to Kovai Ayyamuttu are kept.
Ayyamuttu, who presided over Bharatidaasan's only son's
wedding, he split with EVR Nayakkar, worked for Swatantra, ...
I will give Kovai Ayyamuttu(d. 1976)'s poem on me under
the title: Dravidology interest/publications later.

Dr. Jean-Luc Chevillard writes:
*Interesting remarks but ...
*where do you get the form "puuttantai"?

*The commentary for Tolk. Ezhut. (Nacc. 348) & (ILam. 349)
*gives  puuntai and the alternative form puutantai

Thanks for the correction. There is a  KV kuuTTam
called pUntai. That should fit exactly with your comment..
(puutan + tantai = puuntai).

Similarly, aantai (I have to check with aantai kulattaar
of KV). Is aantai aatan + tantai or is it coming from
aantai bird?

There is a group called puuttantai.
This may be from puuttan + tantai.
(Like cempuuttu, puuttu may refer to a bird)

N. Ganesan

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