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To pick up Dr. Ganesan's thread on classifiers in historical periods:

The auspicious signs used in epigraphical inscriptions are: svastika_,
siddham and Om (pran.avam).

The groupings are in eight: as.t.a man:gala for household cultural
icons, as.t.a bho_ga for property rights.

In households, the auspicious icons/objects are: svastika_, s'an:khu,
cakra, deepam, s'ri_vatsam,, bilva patram and kum.kumam.

The insignia of a king: The insignia are 21: mut.i (crown),
(umbrella), kavari
(yak-tail fan), to_t.t.i (sharp weapon planted in the ground), muracu
(war-drum, tabour),
cakkaram (wheel), ya_n-ai (elephant), kot.i (flag), matil
(ornamented gateway surmounted with an arch; (water-pot),
pu_ma_lai (flower-garland), can:ku (conch), (sea), makaram
(crocodile), a_mai (tortoise), (brace or carp (a
tank-fish, cyprinus fimbriatus ) in gold or silver, an
auspicious object carried before kings), cin:kam (lion), ti_pam
(lamp), it.apam (<
r.s.abha bull), a_can-am (throne)


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