prayojana of treatises

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Sun May 17 15:26:36 UTC 1998

Sara McClintock wrote:
> Dear List-members,
> I am seeking for information on the development of the idea of the
> prayojana, or purpose, of philosophical treatises in Sanskrit literature. I
> am especially interested in learning about early debates concerning the
> "purpose of the purpose" (prayojanasya prayojana.h). In other words, why
> was it considered important or necessary to state the purpose of the
> treatise at the beginning of the text? I would also be interested in any
> articles or other secondary literature that list-members know of that touch
> upon this topic (I am already familiar with T. Funayama's article "Arca.ta,
> "Saantarak.sita, Jinendrabuddhi, and Kamala'siila on the Aim of a Treatise"
> published in 1995 in WZKS 39).

There is a short Japanese article by Amano Hirofusa, "on the composite
purpose of the Abhisamayaalam.kaara'saastra" in Indogaku Bukkyougaku
Kenkyuu 34/1969. According to my notes, this
article compares prayojana, prakaran.a, sambandha etc. in the AA'S with
the corresponding statements in the Tattvasam.grahapa~jjikaa.

birgit kellner
department for indian philosophy
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