prayojana of treatises

Sara McClintock Sara.Mcclintock at ORIENT.UNIL.CH
Sun May 17 15:48:48 UTC 1998

Dear List-members,

I am seeking for information on the development of the idea of the
prayojana, or purpose, of philosophical treatises in Sanskrit literature. I
am especially interested in learning about early debates concerning the
"purpose of the purpose" (prayojanasya prayojana.h). In other words, why
was it considered important or necessary to state the purpose of the
treatise at the beginning of the text? I would also be interested in any
articles or other secondary literature that list-members know of that touch
upon this topic (I am already familiar with T. Funayama's article "Arca.ta,
"Saantarak.sita, Jinendrabuddhi, and Kamala'siila on the Aim of a Treatise"
published in 1995 in WZKS 39). 

Any related ideas also appreciated,
Sara McClintock

Sara McClintock
Section de langues et civilisations orientales
Université de Lausanne
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