Kannada vacanas

Sat May 16 01:19:12 UTC 1998

Mr. Robert Zydenbos writes

>Maybe it is not out of place here to mention that Basava's a:nkita
>is not "kuu.dalasa:ngamee;svara", as a few list members have been
>writing, but "kuu.dalasa:ngamadeeva". :-) (The meaning may not
>differ much, but I think that we ought to get such details
>I fear that I must give a very dull response here: all the vacanas
>of Basava say "kuu.dalaSA:NGAMAdeeva", and never

I fail to see the point you are making here. Of course I appreciate
 your eye for the details. But unless you want to claim
"saMgamEswara" , "saMgama" and " SaMga" are different dieties
(and any such claim cannot be maintained ) I fail to see what
difference it makes

>I have not yet read the Basavapuraa.na; but I hope to be back in
>India soon, and then I am curious to see whether this is there in
>the Kannada version too. And of course we would have to see where
>else "sa:nga" is used, if it is used elsewhere.

>Without having at all seen the puraa.na yet, I think I may mention
>here that scholars in Karnataka, while appreciating Soomanaatha's
>work in general, are not always equally impressed with his sense of
>history, and that what he says at times is in conflict with other
>historical sources. He apparently wrote more as a devotee than
>as a scholar ( which of course could not be held against him )...

I did some looking up in the library here. Though the historical
accuracy of sOmanAtha is irrelevant here, because we are dealing
with the meaning of a word, we can leave him alone for the present.

cennabasava is the nephew of basavEswara and more or less his
successor He has a large body of vacanAs to his credit. His ankita is
"kUDalacennasaMgamadEvA". The word "cenna" is right in the middle of
"kuDAla" and "saMgana". This shows that he does not consider
"kUDalasaMgama" as a tautological compound. Therefore we should not
do that. Futher in his vacanAs he addresses the deity as "saMgA!" in
many places.  This shows sOmanAtha afterall is following the
prevalent tradition. This I hope settles the issue and proves for all
the people concerned that the deity's name is "saMgamadEva"
and "kUDala' is a qualifier and also "saMga" , "saMgama",
samGamadEva' are all one.

Thanking you,



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