Arlo Griffiths agriffit at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Fri May 15 18:10:31 UTC 1998

Hello -

Can anyone provide me with the address of Dr. Pfeffer, the oen who wrote
his dissertation for the German Orissa Project on "Puri's Sasandoerfer" in
the early '80-s.
        Then, can anyone recommend me a good *detailed* (historical?)  map
or atlas (and a way to get it) of Orissa and Southern Bihar? There are a
couple of place names mentioned in colophons to Oriya mss. I am working
on, which are hard to identify on the maps I have.
        Finally, can anyone recommend a publication in which the seemingly
typical Orissa way of giving dates by mentioning the particular aNka of
the reign of a king, is explained?

Thank you very much,

Arlo Griffiths

Instituut Kern
Rijksuniversiteit Leiden
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the Netherlands

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