Belur and Belaum (was Re: Kannada vacanas)

Wed May 13 14:09:43 UTC 1998

The thread on Kannada vacanas is illuminating.

I read:
*the name of the place was just kUDala (pls note that
*there is another place in uttara kannaDa dist by the same name)
*It may have been that in order to differentiate ...

For the case of Beluur and BelgAm, this may have been the case too.
Seeing that Beluur already exists, an equivalent of uuru
is used. gAm (< grAm) is identical to uuru.

Also saw:
*is there any difference between kuDala and kUDala
*since both versions appear in basava's "vacanas".

Applying the same, bElgAm is equivalent to belgAm too.
Kannada retains '.l' instead of just 'l' in Belgaum.

N. Ganesan

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