Kannada vacanas

S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon May 11 22:31:02 UTC 1998

N.Ganesan writes:

<<My earlier posting is clear enough. The place names are
>NOT interpreted as kuuDalasangama NOW. They are that
>way for atleast ONE THOUSAND years!>>

I'm sorry for not being clear enough...the "now" part refered to
kUDalasangama after the temple came up, as opposed to a time when the
temple did not exist....Does a sthalapurANam of the temple exist?
Will anybody familiar with the intricacies of kannaDa comment on a
special relation existing between "kUDala" and it's indicating the
addition/confluence of TWO things?( as opposed to three or more?)

<<BTW, maturai in sangam classics is refered to as kuuDal all the

Isn't this a good reason for refering to other "kUDala"s with some other
prefix/word in order to distinguish between them? What do the
prabandhams talk about?

<<I would think in Kannada also, there is a long tradition of
kuuDalasangama as the place name.>>

Does anybody know the name of the place before the temple was
constructed? I believe this will tell us what is what...


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