Xinjiang Mummies

Paul K. Manansala kabalen at MAIL.JPS.NET
Mon May 11 22:23:24 UTC 1998

  "Sn. Subrahmanya" <sns at IX.NETCOM.COM>

> The Europoid mummies are from 1800BC. The older mummies are exclusively
> europoid, mongoloid mummies only turn up from around 1000BC.
> The mummies have clothes with celtic weaves and a tilak on their forehead !!

The problem is with the term "Europoid" which I believe should be
"Europid." The term Europoid is usually used for early types like
Cro-Magnon.  "Europid" does not equate to modern "Caucasoids" even
given quite a bit of leeway for variation.  In fact, the early mummies are
quite like very old types found in East Asia.

Paul Kekai Manansala

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