Xinjiang Mummies

Sn. Subrahmanya sns at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon May 11 18:01:02 UTC 1998

The Europoid mummies are from 1800BC. The older mummies are exclusively
europoid, mongoloid mummies only turn up from around 1000BC.
The mummies have clothes with celtic weaves and a tilak on their forehead !!

What is very interesting is A.K.Narains labelling them as the first
indo-europeans (great yueh chih,spelling??) using
textual evidence and relationship between Tokharian and Hittite.
Mallory tries to brush off Narain's argument using some "lexical-cultural"
argument, which seemed pretty unconvincing to me.

If older remains are found, it can potentially cause real problems to the
currently touted Aryan invasion/migration theory.
What is also fascinating is that Shrikant Talageri in his Aryan Invasion
Theory - A Reappraisal, places the Druhyus (later Druids/celts) around the
same geographical area.

The transcipt of the PBS program on Xinjiang mummies is at

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