Shiva Purana

Chantal Lemay Chantal.Lemay at TYPOLITHO.COM
Sat May 9 13:42:00 UTC 1998

I am not a scholar but only conducting a personal research.
I previously wrote to a few professors but I received no answer, so I
decided to ask the question to this forum.

I am trying to find a sanskrit book called Bhaskhar Sangita (or probably
Samhita?) supposedly a part of the Shiva Purana, but I couldn't trace this
name neither in the Puranas nor in the Vedas.
I know that there are rare sanskrit editions of the Shiva Purana that it
could be
part of.

I have been in India last year and asked for this title in many libraries,
in Delhi
and Varanasi, with no success. I also went to Motilal Banarsidass press in
Delhi but no one could help me, since I didn't found what I was looking for
in their english translations of the Puranas.

Has anyone heard about this book by any chance? It should contain a dialog
Angiras and Brahma, concerning Angiras' mission on earth and his other
incarnations as Vasishta and Vyasa.

A sanskrit scholar in India suggested that it could be an excerpt of the
Bhrigu Samhita, which is a manuscript of
astrological predictions about incarnations of all human beings. This
much more esoteric and difficult to trace.

Any hint would be greatly appreciated.

Chantal Lemay
Quebec, Canada

Chantal at

P.S. I am french speaking. Please excuse my english.

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