Self-sacrifice, funerary temples, and Pallava inscriptions

Mary Storm umadevi at SFO.COM
Sat May 9 16:34:04 UTC 1998

Palaniappa wrote:
> In the course of my research on potters, I have come across this Tamil
> inscription on self-sacrifice of Pallava times. I do not know if she has it
> already. The reference is SII vol.12, no.106. It also has a picture of the
> sculpture also.
> "This inscription of Kampavarman, dated in the 20th year, is engraved above
> the figure of a person holding his severed head by the tuft in his left hand,
> while the right hand grasps a sword (Plate VI). It registers a gift of land
> made by the UrAr of tiruvAn2mUr to paTTai-pOttan2 for the pious act of
> okkoNDanAgan2 okktIndAn2 paTTai-pOttan2, probably his father, in cutting off
> flesh from nine parts of his body and finally his head as an offering to the
> goddess bhaTAri, i.e., durgA."
> This inscription is in Mallam, Gudur taluk, Nellore District of Andhra
> Pradesh.  This inscription, set up by the villagers themselves, seems to
> indicate that they were Tamil-speaking at that time.

Dear S. Palaniappan,
I had heard of the existence of the Mallam inscription, but never found
the actual stone, nor what was specifically incised.  A picture! Great!
Thank you very much for sending this information!
Mary Storm

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