Sat May 9 01:07:43 UTC 1998

Here is some Indian Mythology

saMjJa is the daughter of vizvakarma and the wife of sUrya. She could
not stand the scorching heat of her husband and decided to run away
leaving her two sons and daughter, manu, yama and yami. She created an
exact replica of herself (known as chAya) and leaving her as substitute,
ran away. sUrya not knowing the difference (What sort of jagatcakSu is he
I do not know. This shows that even gods cannot unravel the mysteries of
their wives.) lived with her and they had two sons and a daughter, zani,
another manu and tapati. chAya was a replica of saMjJa only in body
not in heart. She started ill treating her step children. yama complained
to his father. On the stern demand of her husband chAya related the whole
story. Then sUrya using his divine powers knew that saMjJa is in the form
of a horse was doing tapasyA in a forest. He himself took the form of
a horse and mated with her. azvani dEvatas and rEvant were born.

Later vizvakarma mounted his son-in-law on a lathe and cut down one-eighth
of him to reduce the light and heat, so as to to make him bearable for his
daughter. With the turnings he made weapons for the dEvas like the discus
for viSNu, trident for ziva etc.

Thus the divine Physicians azvani twins are born.



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