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 This origin myth of Ganesa is different from the majority
 of tamil/sanskrit stories on Ganesa's birth. You must
 hear this tEvaaram sung by an Otuvaar in a "siva
 temple to realize the power.

        piTi atan2 uru umai koLa miku kari atu
        vaTikoTu tan2atu aTi vazipaTumavar iTar
        kaTi kaNapati vara aruLin2an2 miku koTai
        vaTivin2ar payil valivalam uRai iRaiyE.
This origin myth is the subject of a lesson in the Tamil Reader authored by
James Lindholm and K. Paramasivam. This book was used in the '70s and early
'80s in US universities that offered courses in Tamil. I do not know if it is
still being used.


S. Palaniappan

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