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Fri May 8 09:10:21 UTC 1998

S. Palaniappan wrote:

>Another interesting fact is that apart from the horse, the elephant is also
>called 'mAn2'. When coupled with the fact that CT often talks about the Aryan
>language spoken by the elephant trainers/drivers, it leads one to wonder if
>the training of wild elephants was an Aryan contribution? or Did the
>semantics of 'mAn2' change?
>In Sanskrit, which category does the elephant belong to?"

        I would like to know. I remember the droNa's son azvatthAman
"having the strength of a horse" who share his name with an elephant...
        I'd like to take advantage of this return of the elephant to ask
again if the elephant is renowned in Indian tradition for a specially high
sexual power. I'm particularly interested by the ability to have many
intercourses. Not only reality but also litterary, or even popular,
metaphors would be useful to me.

Dominique THILLAUD
Universite' de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France

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