Indo-Aryan im/e-migration (scholarly debate)

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><< Apparently the present generation of Indologists are not familiar with the
> arguments of Jules Bloch why OIA has ghoTa(ka) 'horse' > Hi. ghoDaa, etc.,
> which has no IE-etymology (unlike Skt. as'va-). He derives ghoTa- (with
> guNa) from a  root *ghuT- which he derives from Pre-Drav. *ghutr-. He then
> derives Ta.kutirai, Ma.kutira, Ka. kudire and Te. guR(R)amu, Konda guRam
> 'horse' from the root *ghutr- saying that pre-Dravidian had not only voicing
> contrast but also aspirates! ( I have given references to Jules Bloch's
> article in my TVB).The Dravidian words are quite ancient and were not
> borrowed from anyother known langauge. He suggested that Telugu preserved
> the PDr. voiced stop while the South Drav languages had devoiced g- to k-.
> He also derived Skt. gaard-abha- 'donkey' and Ta. kaZutai, Ka. katte, Te.
> gaaDida from *gard- again Te. preserving PDr. voiced stop.  Apart from the
> linguistic ingenuity of these etymologies, which not many scholars (maybe
> nobody) questioned then, at the semantic and cultural level,this hypothesis
> presupposes that 'the horse' could be native to pre-Aryan India! >>
>I forgot to add the following in my earlier posting.
>That "not many scholars (may be nobody)" questioned Bloch's views is not
>correct. This is what Dr. Krishnamurti says in Telugu Verbal Bases, p.24.
>"Caldwell's assumption that there were no initial voiced plosives in PDr. as
>reflected in Ta. and Ma. was contradicted by Jules Bloch on the basis of the
>history of a few words like ghOTaka horse and drAviDa name of a people, which,
>according to him, were originally native to Dravidian. This view rceived
>support from some quarters and contradiction from others. Burrow argued for
>Caldwell and analytically put forth evidence to show that voicing of initial
>stops appearing in some of the Dravidian languages, was only secondary and did
>not represent PDr."
>S. Palaniappan
Mr. palaniappan:
You see I do not read what I wrote long time ago! Thanks! Bh.K.
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