Indo-Aryan im/e-migration (scholarly debate)

Paul K. Manansala kabalen at MAIL.JPS.NET
Thu May 7 23:28:37 UTC 1998

  anil k gupta <sristi at AD1.VSNL.NET.IN>

> I will be very grateful for examples of animal domesticated in one region
> introduced in naother region without human migration,

According to some arguments, the domesticated horse originated with
Indo-Europeans of Central Asia. I tend to think it originated with
the Altaic peoples of Central Asia.  However, either way, I don't
think one must surmise that every where the domesticated horse is
found involves migrations of either Altaic or IE peoples.  For example,
China, Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia.  Some scientists believe the
domesticated chicken originated in Southeast Asia, but that it spread
at least partly, in an indirect fashion to other parts of the world.

> Are you referring to trade in animals and distinguishing that through
> permanent migration? in that case it is ok
Yes, this is exactly what I mean.

Paul Kekai Manansala

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