Indian Place Names Website

Wed May 6 14:47:28 UTC 1998

It will be wonderful to have a website with
all the place names of every Indian state.

Indian state governments have published their
village/town/city names. Those publications are hard to get,
have very less circulation, and poorly printed on ink-smearing,
deep-brown, brittle papers. Even if one goes and seeks those books,
the bureaucrats are uasually not in a mood to sell or give info.

Once the website is established and linked to
for example, Indology, Inst. of Indology & Tamil Studies (Koeln),
RISA-L, Vyakarana-l, ... it will be easier for
Dravidian/Munda specialists acan to write papers on
the etymology of site names; Dravidian/Munda speakers with
high university degrees can help the dravidian/munda academics
with good pointers.

N. Ganesan

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