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 >Mr. Ganesan:
>Please think about it yourself that you should not masquerade as a scholar
of either Indology or Dravidology. Then people will ask you what are your
credentials? Please let the people know what  you have published in these
areas? This list must be confined to those who have a scholarly curiosity
and not any other. I mentioned in my posting that your inquiry itself  was
political and you denied it. I will tell you how.
>        You started with a naive notion that Tamil has not been susceptible
to Sanskrit as Telugu did. Then you raised a silly question if it was due to
many brahmins moving from Tamil Nadu to Andhra? What kind of scholarly
inquiry is this? What is your evidence of Brahmins moving out into Andhra,
when and why? What are your sources? All that you wanted to "establish to
the sholarly world" was that Tamil had less of Sanskrit vocabulary and
Telugu has more without any studies or evidence.
>        If you had a sense of history, you should have known that Tamil was
the most influenced by Sanskrit between pre-CE and the middle ages. Because
West Coast Tamil was the most influenced and it later became Malayalam. If
you had a scholarly bent of mind you should have asked the question why was
Tamil influenced first by Sanskrit so extensively  than the other languages?
That would have helped many persons including me to know things that we did
not. know. Because, I never bothered to know this aspect although it was
>         Pre-CE Tamil borrowed more words from Sanskrit and Prakrits than
any other Drav. language. We had no records. Sanskrit and Pkt. s- became
zero in  borrowings in Early Tamil; thus you have avai <sabha: 'assembly',,
amaya  <samaya 'time', e:Ni < se:Ni <sre:Ni 'ladder', a:yiram <sa:siram
<sahasiram <sahasram- '1000', and many others.
>        Emeneau said in his study of Indian onomastics that the use of
Sanskrit in naming  persons and places is the phenomenon of "Sanskritization
on a grand scale". Toda and some other Nilgiri languages are an exception.
What does it matter when Sanskritized naming  started in Tamil; with Bhakti
movement, you said as though it did not matter to the Tamil language, if it
started with the Bhakti movement.
>        Mr. Ganesan, I respect you as an engineer. If you have a layman's
interest you must talk to people who are your Telugu friends but why bother
so many scholars on the Indology list who would not be interested in the
kind of discussion that such inquiries lead to. In the final analysis Indian
clientele will make fools of themselves. Let us stop this discussion and
start similar ones in the future.
>        I would send my pubications to any scholar who is interested in
studying them. Regards, Bh.K.
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