Telugu history

Stephen jp_stephens at CLASSIC.MSN.COM
Sat May 2 22:39:10 UTC 1998

This is a response to all of you learned gentlemen who have participated in
this thread.

The attitude shown by many of you is the reason India does not have the
standing it should in world society today. We Indians, have a bad habit of
undermining each other without realising that ultimately we are shooting
ourselves in the foot. How does Tamil's antiquity undermine the rest of the
Dravidian languages? Why do we gladly accept the antiquity of Sanskrit,
while we find it difficult to accept that one of our sister languages could
have that distinction as well. I noticed one of you gentlemen say
in the heat of the argument, "English, the greatest language". Why are we
gladly giving English that distinction while fighting among ourselves.

Here's a good anecdote for you. It goes like this:

A ship was carrying a load of crabs. The crabs were being exported in
baskets. When the ship's captain passed by he noticed that all the baskets
were closed except for one. He asked why one of the baskets of crabs was
left open and if the crabs will not get out. The attendant answered "Sir,
those crabs in that particular basket are Indian crabs, they pull each other
down. So they don't need a lid".

Well, why not, for a change, look for the truth without prejudice.


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