Telugu history

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><story snipped>.....
>        Nampi said:
>        'They prayed to the Lord in pure Tamil. They said
>        - Please drink this milk, eat thais fruit. Live a hundred years.
>        Wear this silk uppercloth -. I prayed in Sanskrit:
>        Be victorious, be victorious'.
>        The other man finally said:
>        'You couldn't forget your rough-sounding Sanskrit even
>        among the cowherds......

There is nothing in this story to indicate that there is
tension between Sanskrit & Tamil. The reference to "rough sounding
sanskrit" could be just to the way in which Nampi spoke sanskrit
or his accent. Basically, Nampi is being criticized for praying in Sanskrit
among illiterates who may not understand it and not that Tamil or Sanskrit
is better.
Only those motivated enough to see linguistic warfare  see it that way.

There is another story of how Uddhava goes to teach the gopis, meditation
and then realizes that the gopis are better devotees of Krishna than himself.
These stories are about bhakti and nothing more.

Also, tatsama and tadbhava basically refer to scriptural or official
and desiya to colloquial usage. They do not convey any "foreign" influence.

Motivated interpretations have played havoc with Indian history and
succeeded in setting people against each other.
The legacy of divide and rule policies - to which unfortunately,
many naively fall prey.

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