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Raoul Martens raoul at MARTENS.PP.SE
Sat Mar 28 09:27:05 UTC 1998

George v. Simson wrote: Platon of course!

The platonic idea, probably referred to, has been described as follows:
"Contemporary physics resurrects not only Plato's dream of a symmetrical
perfection underlying nature, but also his vision of learning as rememb-
rance. Socrates, coaching the untutored slave boy in the precepts of geo-
metry, claimed to have demonstrated that the 'soul has been forever in a
state of knowledge' and that all real learning therefore is recollection."
(Timothy Ferris: Grand Unification Theories: Faith in Ultimate Simplicity
in Next: The Coming Era in Science, ed. Holcombe B. Noble, Boston 1988)

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