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 VC> As for VivekanandA, one statement that I thought is his
 VC> original (most other
 VC> stuff is spiritual), reads something like "Education is the
 VC> manifestation of
 VC> the knowledge that is already in the mind etc".  This
 VC> implies that people
 VC> already know, but the knowledge is just uncovered by the
 VC> process of education.
 VC> Any one knows this idea is expressed by any thinker before
 VC> him?

This is basically the Jaina view of knowledge: the soul, which _is_ knowledge (in a certain sense; we should of course always be careful when translating such terms) is clouded / covered by karma, and as the soul is purified (i.e., karma is removed) the innate pure knowledge (which is omniscience) manifests itself increasingly.

(This is just one ancient view with which I am familiar. Are there any comparable views, of comparable antiquity?)

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