YogasUtra, Update

Mikael Aktor aktor at COCO.IHI.KU.DK
Fri Mar 27 09:58:42 UTC 1998

Dear listmembers,

One of my postgrad students is doing research on relations between yoga
and sAMkhya. As he is not on this list, I promised him to ask for updated
references to literature on the Yoga SUtra. He is particularly interested
in YS _as text_ (history, background etc.).

In this connection: do some  of you know what happened to the book by T.
Gelblum on Yoga Philosophy, planned as part of Fasc. 5 in the 6th vol. of
Gonda's History of Indian Literature?. And now we are on that subject,
what about the other missing parts (e.g. UpaniSads)?

Kind regards
Mikael Aktor, University of Aarhus, Denmark
aktor at

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