Consecration yajJa: Evidence of Embryonic Psychology

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Fri Mar 27 06:22:48 UTC 1998

Dear list members

Following is an interpretation of some of the symbolism used in consecration
sacrifice (dIkSA) (ref: aitareya brAhmaNA).


The gods agni and viSNu are described as two ends of the sacrifice, and also
as lords of consecration (of the yajamAnA, the performer of the sacrifice).
It was also mentioned that the consecrated becomes an embryo.

The circumstantial evidence points to the psychology of the embryo which is
living in the mother's womb.  The embryo, in its early stages only has a head
and a tail (which were to become its feet).  It eats/drinks the placental
fluids with its mouth and dives with its feet.  As it swims/dives using its
feet it goes to newer places within the womb and the food becomes plentiful as
it finds more food at the other places.  Therefore the embryo thinks as it
were, logically, that striding with its feet is the cause of its food.

But then, head is agni, and feet are viSNu (please note viSNu's association
with striding).  Therefore the embryo's life is made up of meditation re: agni
and viSNu, which is no other than consecration sacrifice.

This process does not end with the delivery.  The traits continue in the
living being even after delivery, till death.  Therefore whenever a person
finds something new, one observes a tingling sensation in ones feet (it needs
some keen observation).  Also one respects elders by touching feet because the
intention is to respect the viSNu that feeds that person.

The meditation re: agni and viSNu as described above has been observed to be
equivalent to pUraka prANAyAmA.


Any criticism is welcome from various angles including literary, yoga, srautA

Bhadraiah Mallampalli

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