Rig Vedic Racism

Dominique.Thillaud thillaud at UNICE.FR
Thu Mar 26 07:56:34 UTC 1998

Lars Martin answer:

>Dominique Thillaud wrote:
>>        Even with the animals, the differences between them are not
>>considered as "racial" but as "provenance". That's allways true today with
>>the geographical names of cats, dogs, cows, &c. and I suppose the notion of
>>"race" don't exist before Mendel.
>Actually I think it does. But it is not terribly old, at least not in the
>modern sense.

Dear Lars,
        I agree. I was simplifying. Perhaps this modern sense begins with
the colonization of Africa and America and the "soul problem". But that was
just a christian racism and I suppose Mendel's theories giving firstly a
scientific approach, alas used later as a pseudo-scientific justification
to various horrors :(

PS: thanks for your clues, I'll try to give a report if I'm able ...

Dominique THILLAUD
Universite' de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France

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