Cologne Tamil text corrections

Tobias Grote-Beverborg grotebev at UNI-KOELN.DE
Mon Mar 23 21:55:36 UTC 1998

Dear members of the list,

please, allow me some explanation on the current situation at the
Institute of Indology and Tamil Studies (IITS) at the University of
Cologne, Germany.

On Sat, 21 Mar 1998, Palaniappa wrote:

> While using the Cologne University e-texts, I noticed these possible errors.
> Since an earlier e-mail to a name listed at the web site (regarding another
> error) went unacknowledged, and the error was not seen to be corrected, I am
> not sure who is in charge of the maintenance of the e-text.

The person in charge of the Tamil E-Text Database is Dr. Malten.
He is doing research in India right now and won't return till end of
Though the IITS hosts the largest Tamil library outside of India and tries
to enlargen its Indological Database (Dictionaries, E-Texts, etc.) on the
WWW (  it has
only a very limited staff which works hard to maintain these services
besides its teaching obligations, library service, etc..
I used to administrate its webpages but am doing some research work right
now at the University of Hawaii. Due to budget cuts my position hasn't
been filled and a colleague tries to keep up with my work.
We still receive a lot of Emails concerning our various projects and let
me state the fact that these are very welcome and needed to support the
Unfortunately it's not always possible to reply to them right away but be
assured that they are saved and are very much appreciated.
My apologies to all who didn't receive a reply to their message.
Please, do have some patience with us and continue to support the IITS.
Yours sincerely

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