Cologne Tamil text corrections

Palaniappa Palaniappa at AOL.COM
Sat Mar 21 07:40:57 UTC 1998

While using the Cologne University e-texts, I noticed these possible errors.
Since an earlier e-mail to a name listed at the web site (regarding another
error) went unacknowledged, and the error was not seen to be corrected, I am
not sure who is in charge of the maintenance of the e-text. So I am posting
this in Indology with the hope that whoever is in charge of it can see this
and edit the text. Since I do not have any printed text, those with access to
printed texts can check if my suggestions make sense.

Item 1.
Qkam6x32x32x1=9751 \BT vAn2avarkku iRaivan2 tiRai tantan2a \et
Qkam6x32x32x2=9751 \BT An2avarkkam Or Ayira kOTiyAl; \et
Qkam6x32x32x3=9751 \BT tAn2avarkku iRaivan2 tiRai tantan2a \et
Qkam6x32x32x4=9751 \BT En2aivarkkam kaNakku ila, ivvelAm. \et

In the above poem, the words "An2avarkkam" should be split into "An2a
varkkam" and "En2aivarkkam" should be split into "En2ai varkkam", if the text
is to be split into individual words which can be easily searched for. (This
may not conform to the metrical feet of the poem, however.)

Item 2.
QsivTx733x1 \BT piRaiyAr tirunutalum pEra maruN kaNNum \et

The above line may be rearranged into "piRai Ar tiru nutalum pEr amar uN

Compare the following.
Qtev1x60x10 \BT ciRai Arum maTakkiLiyE igkE vA tEn2OTu pAl \et
Qkali060x16 \BT pEr amar uN kaN nin2 tOzi uRIiya \et

Of course "maTakkiLi" can be split into maTa kiLi following the majority of
conjoined words where the "oRRu" has been left out.

Item 3.
Qvil1x143x1 \BT tan2akku vin2mai nilaiyiTTa kOvai oru taman2iyat tavicil
vaittu, 'nI \et
Qvil1x143x2 \BT en2akku nan2mai tara vanta nal tavam iruntavA!' en2a,
iruntapin2, \et
Qvil1x143x3 \BT 'kaNakkum veN taraLa vaTa mulaip periya kariya kaNNi ivaL,
Qvil1x143x4 \BT un2akku man2Ral peRa uriyaL Akuka!' en2a uvakaiyOTu avan2
uraikkavE, \et

In this, the the word "kaNakkum" should be changed into "kan2akkum". It is
also good to make sure if kaNNi is indeed the correct reading.


S. Palaniappan

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