Re Gurmukhi Alphabetic Order?

Viktor V. Sukliyan madhava at CH1.VSNL.NET.IN
Sun Mar 22 18:19:21 UTC 1998

On   Thursday, March 19, 1998 James E. Agenbroad wrote

<<Could someone tell my why in the Gurmukhi script 'sa' and 'ha' come
before 'ka' instead at the end as with other Brahmi based scripts? I do not
plan to interfile Panjabi with other scripts soon; it's just an anomaly
I'd like to understand if possible.  Thank you.

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Jim, as I know it'll be historically mistaken to look up origin of
Gurmukhi script in Brahmi based scripts. It is well-known that sikhs
gurus invented scripts with purpose to put into code their military and
business plans.
Initially they used landA language-code. Gradually it was sanskritisised
and transformed in Gurmukhi. The cause is that Punjabi was only spoken
language at that times. Written languages were either Urdu(mostly) or
Hindi (very less). Bible of Sikhism-Guru Grant Sahib was originally
compiled in one variety of medieval Hindi. Later on it was rewritten in
specially designed Gurmukhi and Urdu (of course) to make it easily
understandable by layman of Gurdwaras.

Viktor Sukliyan.

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