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Sun Mar 22 20:26:26 UTC 1998

Dear Dr. Ganesan,

In late November the "Franksche Stiftung" (where all the writings of
Ziegenbalg, Schultze et al writings are preserved) organized a seminar
on "Halle and the south-Indian link", where scholars like Drs. Heike
Liebau (nee Pelikan), Indira Peterson, Daniel Jeyaraj, Dharampal-Frick,
.... presented a series of interesting papers. I don't know when (if at
all!) those proceedings would be available for public.

I 'll send you the complete details of this recent seminar in a day or two.

Have you got the 3  (perhaps more?! I am aware of 3!) books published
on the eve of 40th anniv. of Indian independance, by the erstwhile DDR govt.
These manuscripts were published for the first time; which includes
Benjamin Schultze's _grammatica telugica_ (1728), _Grammatica Hindostanica_
and Ziegenbalg's _Grammatica Damulica_ (from 1716), from Frank's
foundation's archives.  Still, a lot more materials; esp. those
diaries/correspondance need to be dug out and studied .....

To my knowledge Daniel Jeyaraj is the only Indian to work on Halle-material.
His thesis:
        Inkulturation in Tranquebar : der Beitrag der fruehen
        daenisch-halleschen Mission zum Werden einerindisch-einheimischen
        Kirche (1706 - 1730), Martin Luther Univ., Halle, Diss. 1995

is published by:
     Verl. der Ev.-Luth. Mission, Erlangen, 1996
Serien: Missionswissenschaftliche Forschungen ; N.F., Bd. 4
ISBN: 3-87214-334-4

I am told that now he is back in India.

> They are in a bad deteriorating shape in Martin Luther
> university. Anyone who knows what is there?
> catalogs? papers on the collections?

I am hearing, infact, for the first time that they are in deteriorating
shape! I heard that the "Stiftung" is a well-organized one.

More later,

Regards,                --Sreenivas

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