Origins of Caste System in Ancient India

sudheer birodkar sudheerbirodkar at YAHOO.COM
Fri Mar 20 12:11:20 UTC 1998

Dear Members of the Indology List,

I have recently completed a book on Castes in India. The book
addresses question like:

- How did the Caste system originate in ancient India?
- Why do casteist practices like those of untouchability (in rural
areas) and endogamy continue to exist though Caste as a system of
occupational heredity and a matrix of production and exchange
relationships which needed such practices has itself disappeared?

I have put up a web edition of my book on Caste System in India. This
is a sociological and historical study of the subject.

You can access the site at:


I look forward to receiving feedback from Sociologists and Indologists.


Sudheer Birodkar

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