Space-time & gravitation

Girish Kumar Beeharry physgb1 at MATHOU.UOM.AC.MU
Wed Mar 18 17:53:35 UTC 1998

Dear Indologists,

I would like to know whether ideas/theories about space, time & gravitation have been
discussed in the Indian peninsula before Newton's time, say. I am not asking for
mathematical theories but whatever discussions there might have been on the
attraction of bodies (eg apples falling or the motion of the Moon) within a
space-time framework. I am more generally interested in what the Chinese, Tibetan
and civilisations not influenced by the Greek-Roman-'European'* civilisation have to
say on gravitation. Any reference is most welcome.

Many thanks in advance.

Girish Kumar Beeharry

* I am really asking a Physics question. Please don't misinterpret
Greek-Roman-'European' and start a new mahaabhaarata! :-))

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