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jonathan silk silk at WMICH.EDU
Wed Mar 18 16:37:15 UTC 1998

I thought this might be worth forwarding from a reliable source:
>                                H-ASIA
>                           March 18, 1998
>An alert re: WinNuke
>From: H-Net Announcements Editor <announce at>
>H-Net normally discourages the dissemination of virus alerts, because
>in almost every case the supposed virus is a hoax or has already been
>thwarted by upgraded software and new antivirus programs.  However, the
>Chronicle of Higher Education reports this week that attacks upon
>computers through the internet, so-called "WinNuking," have been
>occurring with increased frequency in the past months, and that news
>about a free patch protecting against win-nuking has not been widely
>disseminated to universities.
>These "attacks" are not viruses.  Instead, they exploit a bug in
>Windows 95/NT's networking system by forcing a shutdown/reboot of the
>affected computer.  The attacker sends a code to the host computer's IP
>address, (obtained in chat rooms, or through visits to web pages), that
>confuses Win95/NT and forces the shutdown.  The attacks themselves do
>not erase data, but they do force the user to reboot (and therefore
>lose unsaved data) and disconnect from the network.  Versions of the
>attacks have different names, such as "teardrop," "ping o'death," "land
>attack," etc., which operate on the same basic rationale and exploit
>the same flaw in the operating system.
>Microsoft has developed a Win95/NT fix for this bug, which can be
>downloaded free from Microsoft.  A sensible, readable, explanation of
>the situation, along with instructions and direct download links to
>Microsoft to obtain patches for Win95 and versions of WinNT, can be
>found at:
>The patch itself is 968K.  It will install quickly, and does fix the bug.
>Microsoft's security bulletin on the "teardrop" variant of the attack
>is at
>Subscribers interested in tracking virus hoaxes will find the Computer
>Virus Myths site useful:
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Jonathan Silk

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